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Thank Goodness That's Over!

Well taxes are done and the machine is in the middle of it's semi-annual physical so here I a loss for words. Who'd - a - thunk it!

I'm so happy when customers, friends, suppliers (often they're all three!) bring me another project that allows me to get driving the machine and quilting another beauty. Whether it's a custom or edge-2-edge I love the process and the end result. Thank you everyone for keeping me busy! I love my job! Doing taxes - meh - not so much!

I'm looking forward to seeing where 2023 takes me. I'll keep you posted.

I know you're probably wondering what I do for myself. Well, let's see. I have a few UFO's in the process of being finished and readied for quilting. I have a piece that I need to finish for show but it might be 2024 before that's done. The fun one was a snuggler I did for my Granddaughter for Christmas. Pieced back and Steam-punk theme. I had so much fun with it - thinking about how much she'd enjoy it. And, yes - she got to open it before Christmas! Yea!

I'm sure all my friends out there feel much the same when they have a piece to give to someone special. I look forward to helping you with your next project.



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