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Quilting Prices:  

My minimum price for mounting a quilt is $75.00  My quilting service includes one layer of Hobbs 80/20 batting(either natural or black). If you require a 2nd layer, or would like to request a specialty batting, I'd be happy to work with you to do so.  Check out my batting prices below.

Basting for Hand Quilting:

Basting is 1 cents per square inch.  This is basting 4" in a grid. Batting is not included in the price of Basting.  

Edge to Edge quilting

I have many patterns available for you to finish your quilt.  Price for edge-2-edge is 3 cents per square inch. 

Semi-Custom Quilting

Do you want a special border around an Edge to Edge design?  For only a penny extra per square inch, this makes your quilt look particularly nice at a price less than a custom.  My price for your choice of border and Edge to Edge is  4 cents per square inch.

Full Custom Quilting

12 1/2 cents per sq. in. for computerized Statler stitching.  This includes stitch-in-the-ditch, background fill, feathers, sashing designs, multiple border patterns, individual blocks patterns, ruler work and cross hatching.  

Hand-Guided Show or Heirloom Quilting

Show quilting is for quilts that will be entered into shows and quilts destined to be family treasures. This category includes exclusive designs for your quilt, trapunto, and anything else you desire.  Special attention will be paid to technically fine quilting.  All threads will be buried and the quilt will be blocked upon completion.   I will be happy to consult with you on the final estimate of your creation.  Just give me a call for an estimate  and we'll get your project started.  


I like to use Glide polyester thread.  It has a great sheen in quilted projects and is very strong with minimal breakings or lint in the machine.  If you want Variegated threads, such as King Tut or specialized threads, I'd be happy to get those for you but they may cost extra.  If you'd like to have one colour on the top and another on the bottom, there will be a charge added of $10.00 to the job.  Colour changes are $5.00 per change.


Additional costs to meet the needs of your quilt may also include additional or special batting, backing, binding and specialized thread.   


Extra Charges:

If you wish to purchase batting for your own projects or add a second layer of batting to your job, these are my prices:

Hobbs 80/20 108" wide (80% Cotton & 20% Poly in either natural or black/yard: $12.50

Hobbs 80/20 120" width/yard - Natural: $13.75

Hobbs Natural Heirloom Washable Wool - 108" width/yd: $18.00


(Please see Frequently Asked Questions about Top Preparation)  

If you require pressing, trimming threads on your quilt top or repairs to the top, I charge $18.50/hour.

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