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About me

Location: Morrin, Alberta, Canada 



I'm married to a wonderful man, living the good life in rural Alberta, Canada. Born and bred in the USA, (Oregon to be precise...)  I'm a proud American AND Canadian.


I've been sewing since 1968 and piecing quilts and hand quilting since 1995 but was thoroughly engaged at a very early age by quilts done by my great aunt and grandma Calkins.  I majored in Commercial Arts with an emphasis on Photography and Textile Arts.  My adventure in machine quilting started in 2006 on a domestic Kenmore.  I fell in LOVE again.  I now have graduated to a Gammill/Statler with a 12' table.  My husband has built a studio to house it.  Life is very sweet!



Quilting (of course, as if you hadn't guessed!); Fabric coloration; gardening; caring for my family and travel.


Favorite Music:

Anything that is moving to enjoy while quilting - it's always noisy in the studio!  I love Rock, R&B, Country, Classics -the list goes on!


The studio is my 'happy place'.  It Rocks!

Bad Ass Quilters Society
American Quilter Society
Canadian Quilters

My Design Philosophy

I understand how difficult it is to entrust your quilt (THE TIME!  THE FABRIC!) I'm committed to making your work as beautiful as possible.  I always keep in mind that it is your quilt and treasure your confidence in entrusting it to me to work on.  I'm happy to work with you to create a piece that you will be proud to call your own.  My studio is smoke free and the dog sleeps under the cutting table on very cold and snowy days.


Take a few minutes to look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and prepare your quilt top to the best of your abilities.  I believe there are ONLY beautiful quilts, full of love.  I especially love working with beginners and want them to succeed.  I look forward to working on it and getting it back to you as swiftly as possible.


Let your friends know about me.  I cherish your confidence and referrals.  

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