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Long-arm Quiliting Services

I'm so pleased that you've come to check out my little website.  I'm looking forward to getting to know you and, hopefully, be able to assist you in completing your quilt. If you're looking for Long-arm quilting, custom embroidery or need batting for your project, - I can help.


Take a little time, grab a cuppa (tea, coffee, wine, whatever you favorite is) and stay a bit.   Let me know if I can offer you help in getting to the next step in your quilting process.


If you have questions, feel free to contact me here at  I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Custom 9patch on point

A lovely scrappy quilt with lots of movement

Log-cabin Wedding custom

I belong to the Joyce Lundrigan/Methodist Hill & Skillbuilder club. This one is from May 2019 called Double Wedding Log Cabin.

Antique Quilt restoration

This quilt had been loved ragged. Hand stitched patches in need of repair, removed yarn ties and quilted to stabilize the fabric to batting.

Medallion Quilt Block of the Month

Just in time for the holidays, this block of the month was brightened with Laurel Burch Fabrics - all flannel with Washable Wool batting.

Daddy's Shirts

These Quilts were made from Shirts that my dad wore and given to 2 of my brothers.

Carpenter's Star in Flannel

Blues in flannel with a custom finish. Batting in Washable Wool.

Wild West Medallion

This was a block of the month club quilt finished in timme for holiday giving.

Jessica's Wedding Quilt

This was a variation of a quilt that I made (Carpenter's Star) and submitted to the Quilting in the Badlands quilt show in 2014 (which won first for large quilts). I think this one turned out even better!

2018 06 04 - White Buffalo Custom

Custom done for K Grenville of Morrin Corner Bison.

Flipping Coins

Another Methodist Hill/Joyce Lundrigun project completed with some embellishments in embroidery of my own.

Heidecker's Basketball Quilt Completed 2

Great Edge2Edge for this lovely TShirt quilt.

Dalia Dance edge to edge

A Ricky Timms pattern.

Custom 2017 04

Custom done for #Caroline'sHomespunSeasons

Deer Friends

Another panel by Marilyn. Custom Quilted.

AllGearedUp by J Currie

This large quilt won Viewers Choice at the 2015 Quilting in the Badlands show.


This quilt won 1st Place Large Quilt at the 2015 Quilting in the Badlands Judged Show

ABC-123 Edge-2-edge

A panel made into a quilt and quilted with an ABC/123 edge to edge

Blue Santa

This was a new spin on a panel. Custom quilted.

Anne's Sampler

This quilt has been entered in the 2015 Quilting in the Badlands show.

AlmostAmish by J Currie

This little quilt was a custom but came in under $100 including the batting.

Blended Roses by Edie Young

Edie is a wonderful customer of mine from Big Valley Alberta. This is one of her quilts done in 2014

VL of Three Hills - Raggedy Hearts

VL brought me this 'UFO' that had been residing in her stash since the new millennium! Done in flannel and batted with Hobbs washable wool, this will be a precious snuggler for those chilly Alberta evenings with the family.

Fairy Quilt for ZK

Made for a very special grand child, this was a semi-custom (all over middle with a custom border) with purple minke backing made this a very cozy quilt.

Sampler Custom
Fashionista with shoe edge to edge
Fish semi-custom

All over design in the middle with 2 custom borders. All on minke making this a very cozy quilt.

Hearts N Hope

This lap-sized quilt was part of the Quilting in the Badlands silent auction. A custom with Hobbs 100% washable wool batting and a red minke backing.

Kansas Trouble

An e-Bay purchased top, I custom quilted this with a beige flannel backing over Hobbs 100% Washable Wool batting. This Double sized quilt is for sale for $650 cdn. plus gst and shipping.

Candlewicking Queen

This won Best Large Quilt in the Quilting in the Badlands 2014 Juried Show. Owned by LK of Carbon, I pieced her embroidered Squares, then layered it with Hobbs Washable Wool batting. Custom quilted, this sampler style quilt was beautiful and light.

Quilting in the Badlands-Raffle 2014

This was a silent auction item to be presented for sale at the Quilting in the Badlands 2014 Gala fundraiser. This quilt was pieced with commercial 100% cotton fabrics by volunteers at Bits & Pieces Keepsake Quilting. I used Hobbs Washable Wool for the batting then custom quilted the sweet thing. The quilt was won by Andrew's Gammill of Wenatchee Washington. Congratulations Andrew and Michelle! Enjoy!

Reverse detail of the Raffle Quilt
JC of Morrin's 'Snowmen" quilt

This little quilt was a custom done for JC of Morrin. This little job was beautifully finished to be a wall-hanging during the customer's holiday season. Click on the link for details.

2013 05 Salsa Spin-detail

A UFO lurking in my shelves was started in 2006 (!?!) and languished there, sandwiched and lonesome until I needed a project to practice on. Welcome to the world!


Custom Quilted

My Blogs:

Stitches n bitches


Location: Morrin, Alberta, Canada 


Quilting (of course, as if you hadn't guessed!); Fabric coloration; gardening; caring for my family and travel.


The studio is my 'happy place'.  It Rocks!

American Quilter Society
Canadian Quilters
Location: Morrin, Alberta, Canada 


I'm married to a wonderful man, living the good life in rural Alberta, Canada. Born and bred in the USA, (Oregon to be precise...)  I'm a proud American AND Canadian.


I've been sewing since 1968 and piecing quilts and hand quilting since 1995 but was thoroughly engaged at a very early age by quilts done by my great aunt and grandma Calkins.  I majored in Commercial Arts with an emphasis on Photography and Textile Arts.  My adventure in machine quilting started in 2006 on a domestic Kenmore.  I fell in LOVE again.  I now have graduated to a Gammill/Statler with a 12' table.  My husband has built a studio to house it.  Life is very sweet!

My Design Philosophy

I understand how difficult it is to entrust your quilt (THE TIME!  THE FABRIC!) I'm committed to making your work as beautiful as possible.  I always keep in mind that it is your quilt and treasure your confidence in entrusting it to me to work on.  I'm happy to work with you to create a piece that you will be proud to call your own.  My studio is smoke free and the dog sleeps under the cutting table on very cold and snowy days.


Take a few minutes to look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and prepare your quilt top to the best of your abilities.  I believe there are ONLY beautiful quilts, full of love.  I especially love working with beginners and want them to succeed.  I look forward to working on it and getting it back to you as swiftly as possible.


Let your friends know about me.  I cherish your confidence and referrals.  


Come see what's up at my blog site 'Stitches'n'Bitches.

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